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The magic of the goDésana Show & Tell (S.A.T.) Bonus is the customer focus. Pre-selected S.A.T. packs include products that work together synergistically to address specific concerns for your clients and customers. In addition to the pre-selected packs you can build your own customized pack to enjoy significant savings and free shipping in the USA. Several of the pre-selected S.A.T. packs have free International shipping as well.

Build Your Own S.A.T. Pack

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Build Your Own S.A.T. pack means just what it says, you select the products you feel best meet your needs. When the total Business Volume (BV) of your order reaches the below minimums, at final checkout, the shopping cart will automatically convert your order to a S.A.T. pack with an 80 business volume, calculate your order discount, and provide you with free shipping.

  • 160BV: Save an additional 10% off wholesale pricing.
  • 230BV: Save an additional 20% off wholesale pricing.
  • 300BV: Save an additional 30% off wholesale pricing.

Build Your Own Pack Examples:

  • 4 bioMinerals @ $40ea + 2 Essential Oils @$27ea = $214 and 160BV - Discount <$21.40> FREE S/H = $192.60 + tax
  • 4 bioMinerals @ $40ea + 4 Essential Oils @$27ea + Green Vitality 180g @$40ea = $308 and 230BV - Discount <$61.60> FREE S/H = $246.40 + tax
  • 4 bioMinerals @ $40ea + 7 Essential Oils @$27ea + Green Vitality 180g @$40ea = $389 and 300BV - Discount <$116.70> FREE S/H = $272.30 + tax

*Build Your Own S.A.T. packs are refundable as MRP points only. Discounts are based on the BV of each product (business volume) and not the price of a product. Pre-selected S.A.T. packs do not count toward the BV requirements for a Build Your Own S.A.T. pack.

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