Product Consultant Earning Opportunity

As an independent Product Consultant, you can unlock the secret fulfillment of your own financial potential and benefit from building a global business supporting health, wellness, and organic living.

With goDésana's innovative Seven Paths Compensation Plan you'll be generously rewarded for personally generated sales and the product sales generated by your team based on your leadership and duplication. Full-time or even part-time efforts offer you the ability to earn an extra stream of income from the Seven Paths Compensation Plan.

Our Seven Paths Compensation Plan is customized for you whether you are looking for extra income or to build a business as your primary source of income. There are no sign-up fees or autoship requirements, you simply create a free account. Then place your first order for the products that best fit your dreams.

Join us in bringing your dreams to fruition, embracing abundance, and creating prosperity in your life and the lives of those around you, starting today.

Life Changing Products

Every time you share goDésana's products, you have total confidence that what you are sharing meets uncompromising standards and carries a 100% money back guarantee.

All of our products have been doctor formulated to make a positive difference in the lives of every person who uses them. With goDésana you can be proud of the products and confidently build your future around them.

Competent, Caring Service

We recognize our Product Consultants as one of our core assets for success in sharing our message of plant based health. We know that we are only successful if you, the independent Product Consultant in the field, are also successful.

That's why we promise to respond quickly and capably to your needs and to do everything possible to make your success a reality.

Generous Compensation Plan

goDésana's opportunity is based on a compensation plan that lets you earn more and earn faster than other companies in the marketplace.

Our plan is loaded with wealth-creating enhancements like our exclusive Build & Team Build CYCLE bonus that provides you with a proven formula to quickly earn $750.00+ on a daily basis. The goDésana compensation plan pays Product Consultants right now; today.

Not yet interested in building a business?

Join for free as a Customer, purchase your favorite goDésana products at wholesale pricing, and automatically qualify for Membership Reward Points (MRP) that can be used like cash for free products. As always, Customers are not required to purchase on a monthly basis.

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