Emotions & Energy Intro Pack

Emotions & Energy Intro Pack

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Our emotions can sometimes get the better of us, taking on a life of their own. They can keep us stuck in patterns that have served a lesson but no longer do.

This energy needs to be gently released, allowing us to move forward on our journey so that we may claim and own all that is good in each of us.

Includes: Courage Essential Oil Blend {5ml}, Dispel Poverty Essential Oil Blend {5ml}, Prosper Essential Oil Blend {5ml}, and Transform Essential Oil Blend {5ml}.

Courage Essential Oil Blend

Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear - not absence of fear. ~Mark Twain

The powerful aroma grounds and balances the emotions while empowering the mind. Courage can help to balance, ground, and stabilize the body emotionally. Courage is the ability to act in spite of our fear. Fear is not the enemy, but rather our intuition guiding us in the direction we are intended to follow, much like a compass.

Dispel Poverty Essential Oil Blend

Dispel Poverty can help those who think negatively about money to release that pattern of thought and behavior; opening their life up to abundance.

Prosper Essential Oil Blend

Prosper will infuse creativity into your life, allowing for all forms of prosperity and abundance to flow easily and without worry, struggle, or strain. Formulated to capture the power of the Law of Attraction in your world on a daily basis. Surround yourself with the radiant, magnetic energy of Prosper today.

Transform Essential Oil Blend

Assists with the release of emotional patterning or traumatic experiences that are stored on a cellular level in our limbic system. This blend gives us the needed push and courage to let go and release old beliefs and open ourselves to new beliefs, allowing us to make needed adjustments during times of change.

Transform supports and moves us to open up to our own personal transformation and changes, particularly in areas where we know changes need to be made yet are hesitant to take action. This blend acts as a catalyst to move us into taking the positive actions necessary to create the life we've only dreamed of.

Courage Ingredients: 100% Pure, Certified Organic and Wildcrafted oils Rosewood, Tanacetum annuum, Spruce, black; Sage, and Bay Laurel

Dispel Poverty Ingredients: 100% Pure, Certified Organic and Wildcrafted oils of Juniper Berry, Patchouli, Orange, sweet; Pine, scotch; Cinnamon Bark, Cedarwood, atlas; Ginger Root, Spikenard, Spruce, black; Nutmeg, and Fractionated Coconut

Prosper Ingredients: 100% Pure, Certified Organic and Wildcrafted oils of Patchouli, Orange, sweet; Cinnamon Bark, Ginger Root, Spruce, black; and Nutmeg

Transform Ingredients: 100% Pure, Certified Organic and Wildcrafted oils of Sage, Fir, balsam; Spruce, black; Elemi, Clary Sage, Inula, Rockrose, Patchouli, Spikenard, Lavender, fine; Ylang Ylang Complete, Marjoram, sweet; Grapefruit, pink; and Geranium, rose

Courage Suggested Usage: Courage Data Sheet

Dispel Poverty Suggestion Usage: Dispel Poverty Data Sheet

Prosper Suggested Usage: Prosper Data Sheet

Transform Suggestion Usage: Transform Data Sheet


Pure Plant Ingredients Promise

goDésana is raising the bar for the industry with our Pure Plant Ingredients Promise.

We promise that all of goDésana's ingredients are minimally processed. Our Essential Oils are from first distillation only, they are never adulterated or rectified, our herbs and grasses are processed with low to no heat temperature.

No goDésana products are ever tested on animals, are always free of pesticides, chemicals, synthetics, preservatives, stabilizers, potassium sorbate, phthalates, petroleum, sulfates, silicones, parabens, mineral oil, triclosan, and animal products.

Our products provide you with the guarantee of independently tested and certified pure, unadulterated Essential Oils and physician endorsed plant-based herbal and nutritional formulas guaranteed to be therapeutic.*

Standards Of Quality

All ingredients in goDésana products are 100% pure and therapeutic, meaning they are sourced and approved by Master Formulator Alexandria Brighton to the highest standards possible. Our raw plant ingredients are chosen for their integrity (all chemical constituents important for use are intact), ecological 'soundness' (all are organic or wildcrafted), and the specific therapeutic chemical constituent percentages that Alexandria Brighton insists upon for safety and therapeutic properties.


*The information in this document has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease. This information is not intended as a substitute for the advice or medical care of a qualified healthcare professional and you should seek the advice of your healthcare professional before undertaking any dietary or lifestyle changes. This information is provided for educational purposes only.

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