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Green Organics Cardio Extreme

In 1998, three American scientists won the Nobel Prize in medicine for discovering the role Nitric Oxide plays in the cardiovascular system and throughout the body. Nitric Oxide (NO) has since been called "The Miracle Molecule."

Nitric Oxide has been found to relax and enlarge blood vessels, prevent blood clots that cause strokes and heart attacks, regulate blood pressure, reduce stress on the heart, improve circulation and reduce accumulation of plaque in blood vessels. This also boosts HGH production, increases lean muscle mass, preserves bone density and supports healthy sexual performance.

Many published studies have proven that L-arginine, a vital amino acid, triggers cell production of Nitric Oxide, and that L-citrulline is metabolized in the body and yields more L-arginine, which in turn provides additional Nitric Oxide for longer periods of time. L-citrulline also helps promote healthy energy levels in the body.

Green Organics Cardio Extreme combines L-arginine with L-citrulline and other vital nutrients in a breakthrough formulation which assists the body in achieving exceptional cardiovascular health.

5,000 mg L-arginine - Research has shown that you need to consume 4,000-6,000 mg of L-arginine in each serving to receive meaningful benefits.

1,000 mg L-citrulline - Clinical trials at universities in California have established the effective amount of L-citrulline at 1,000 mg per serving.

These studies showed that L-citrulline is critical in the production of Nitric Oxide because it acts like a catalyst when combined with L-arginine and extends the body's production of Nitric Oxide to over twenty hours.

Because L-citrulline is very expensive, at a cost of $80 per kilo, many manufacturers only put 250 mg or less, and they hide that fact by saying it is part of their proprietary blend. Green Organics is proud to say we use a full 1,000 mg in each serving of Cardio Extreme.

It is critical to read and compare labels when choosing a cardio health supplement. Cardio Extreme contains 5,000 mg of pure elemental L-arginine in each serving, which is the perfect amount to boost production of Nitric Oxide in the body. Unfortunately, many companies have reduced the amount of ingredients they use up to 90% in order to save money.


Suggested Use: For maximum benefit, Green Organics Cardio Extreme should be taken on an empty stomach. All benefits are certainly not lost by taking Cardio Extreme with foods or beverages, but those benefits may be reduced. If you are taking two servings daily, take the second serving 2 hours before your next meal. A serving size is one scoop mixed with 4 to 8 ounces of water, depending on taste. If the water is very cold, mixture will take about 1 minute to dissolve. One serving may be taken twice daily.

Caution: Consult your health care provider prior to using this product if you are pregnant, nursing or have a known medical condition including cancer, diabetes, herpes, coronary artery disease, or have had a heart attack. Consult your health care provider before use if you take any medications including those for diabetes, high blood pressure, heart conditions or erectile dysfunction.