Incentive Plan Overview

At goDésana, we value our customers and their loyalty & commitment to our products. Our exclusive partnership with Master Formulator and Aromatherapist Alexandria Brighton combines with an unprecedented Customer Appreciation Plan that includes a Share & Tell Bonus and Private Label opportunities as well as the ability to earn free products with our Member Rewards Points and "Try Me" program. All goDésana customers enjoy competitive price points, free wholesale member accounts, and there's no minimum monthly order requirement.

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Way To Earn #1 - Retail Sales Bonus
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Way To Earn #2 - Fast Start Bonus
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Way To Earn #3 - Power Of 2 Bonus
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Way To Earn #4 - Team Matrix Bonus
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Way To Earn #5 - Team Check Match Bonus
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Way To Earn #6 - Rank Advancement Bonus
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