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Alkalize & Revitalize Pack

Cleanse, Alkalize & Revitalize Pack - $97.48 ($24.37 savings!)

Cleanse, Alkalize & Revitalize this summer for optimal health and vitality! Includes Cell Vitality, Cleanse Extreme & Green Vitality.

Summer Sizzle Essentials Power Pack

Summer Essential Oil Power Pack - $49.11 ($12.39 savings!)

Combat inflammation & allergies this summer with the power of organic therapeutic essential oils. Includes Lemon, Lavender Vera and Peppermint.

Circle Of Vitality Summer Kindred Spirits Pack

Circle of Summer Kindred Spirits - $64.80 ($16.20 savings!)

Embrace your inner child's love of summer with the Circle of Summer Kindred Spirits! Includes Otter, Hummingbird, & Beaver.

Thirst Quencher Pack

Quench Your Thirst - $108.01 ($26.97 savings!)

Quench your summer thirst with three great tasting and great for your health GO exclusive powdered products! Includes Cardio Extreme, Green Vitality, Raspberry Ketones!

Slim Down For Summer

Slim Down For Summer - $91.92 ($22.98 savings!)

Slimming down for summer has never been easier when you partner Raspberry Ketones & Slim Extreme (60ct)!

Sizzling Summer

Sizzling Summer - $99.88 ($24.94 savings!)

Summer truly is sizzling with this summer special. Raspberry Ketones, Slim Extreme [30ct] and Sesso Dolce Arousal [B15mL]!

Feed Your Body

Feed Your Body - $99.88 ($24.98 savings!)

Feed your body the nutrients needed to sizzle all summer long. Includes Green Vitality and Smooth Vitality [30svg]!

Essential Singles New

Essential Singles New - $84.80 ($21.20 savings!)

Expand your Alexandria Brighton Essential Single collection with our latest new organic therapeutic essential oils. Includes Balsam Fir, Birch, Holy Basil [B10mL]

Stock Up for Summer

Stock Up for Summer - $557.06 ($238.74 savings!)

Stock Up for Summer with Alexandria Brighton's exclusive therapeutic essential oil health blends! Includes [B10mL] Align, Breathe, Calm, Circulate, Clear, Connect, DYGest, FlexAble, Focus, HepaDetox, Osteo, Protector, Still, Transform, TriSpice, Wellness For Adults, Wellness For Kids, Wounded Warrior, [B5mL] Moon, Sensory, Sun, [Stix] Lavender Ice

Circle Of Vitality Collection

Circle Of Vitality Collection - $453.06 ($194.40 savings!)

Alexandria Brighton's Complete Circle of Vitality Kindred Spirit Collection. Our Kindred Animal Spirits demonstrate potential characteristics, qualities, talents, abilities or strengths that constitute an expression of our own personality. Includes Includes: [5BmL] Badger, Bear, Beaver, Blue Jay, Cherished Place, Cougar, Coyote, Deer, Dolphin, Dove, Dragonfly, Eagle, Elk, Hummingbird, Jaguar, Otter, Owl, Raven, Spiritual Warrior, Squirrel, Terra, Turtle, White Buffalo, Wolf