Stress & Nerves for Animals

Stress & Nerves for Animals

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Animals can suffer from stress the same as humans, and like us, stress can take its toll on their bodies, resulting in poor physical and emotional health. Stress may also be the underlying cause of some of your pet's unacceptable behaviors such as gnawing on their feet, repeatedly licking their paws or other areas/items, or continual pacing.

An animal that is always under stress can suffer adrenal exhaustion and the resulting inability to handle stressful situations. Research has shown that long term stress can weaken the physical body, especially the immune system. Stress may be the underlying cause of many ailments such as allergies, recurrent infections, thyroid disease, Cushing's Disease, and irritable bowel syndrome.

Ingredients: Lavender, fine; Chamomile, roman; Marjoram, sweet; Clary Sage, and Mandarin, green

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