Community Rewards Program

Before launching our multi-million dollar health and wellness brand Heart & Body Naturals, we created the boutique brand goDesana, exclusively offering an extensive line of Alexandria Brighton's most acclaimed essential oil blends.

With the upsurge of emotional trauma in our post-pandemic world, Alexandria has risen to a new mission, formulating a line of essential oil blends that expedite emotional healing and deliver mental peace and calmness to people, bringing them success in all seasons of life.

Paula Scarcella, Founder & CEO

Paula Scarcella

Founder & CEO

Today, we announce our exclusive line of Alexandria's emotional healing formulas with 12 vibrant new wellness blends she passionately calls the "Seasons of Success". Available exclusively with our Oil of the Month Club.

To celebrate the Seasons of Success line and the Oil of the Month Club, we designed a simple-to-understand and easy-to-implement global Community Rewards Program. With only one active customer, you immediately become an goDesana Influencer, earning a 25% commission and qualify to earn 3% on orders placed inside your goDesana Revenue Sharing community.*

goDesana Influencers are people like you with an entrepreneurial spirit who recognize the massive opportunity in teaming up with us to grow the goDesana community by gathering new customers.

The goDesana Community Rewards Program is a simple-to-understand yet lucrative way to earn money from home in the world's new gig economy. We designed the plan to work smoothly inside most major marketing and social media channels. *

Join Our Mission Today!

Set up your Oil of the Month Club subscription today.

One-bottle single oil for $12.95 or the combo subscription of two-bottles, the single essential oil and a Seasons of Success blend for $29.95.

Both subscriptions offer a global $5.95 flat-rate shipping. Share with others and set your goDesana business on auto-pilot.

Set it! Share it! Enjoy it!

Watch your emotional health come back into balance
as your monthly revenues grow.

Income Disclaimer: Green Organics, LLC and goDesana do not guarantee or imply any specific earnings or income. Individual income results may vary significantly and are based on may factors including a person's individual efforts, business experience, and skills. Green Organics, LLC and goDesana make no warranty or representation as to the level of success, if any, an individual may achieve by selling any product or in soliciting Customers.